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Terms of Service

Financial and Consumer Information
- The customer agrees to be bound for a minimum contract of thirty (30) days or three (3) or six (6) or twelve (12) or twenty-four (24) months or thirty-six (36) months depending on the length of the contract, calculated after the start of service.
- Activation and renewal will be processed after playerjwvideos.com receives payment and or proof of payment. It is the customer's responsibility to notify Playerjwvideos.com about the confirmation of payment made. We will not know who has paid if you do not tell us.
- Playerjwvideos.com will maintain privacy about the contact and domain name or customer site.
- Customers are required to complete the required data or valid and contactable contacts.
- If the Customer registers a VIP package on Playerjwvideos.com, the Customer is responsible for the validity of the domain name contact information.
- Playerjwvideos.com is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies in contact information and domain names. Failure to provide valid contact information will result in closing of the service for you.
- All notices regarding due dates and invoices will be sent through your contacts. Playerjwvideos.com does not service bills or notifications by fax.
- Playerjwvideos.com has the right to delete Customer data that has been in arrears, unless there is a notification about the arrears plan in advance.
- Customers may not resell Playerjwvideos.com services.

Violation of Terms and Conditions (Terms of Service)
- Playerjwvideos.com has the right about the removal and cancellation of unilateral Customer service without any refund.
- Playerjwvideos.com has the right to change prices and service features provided by Playerjwvideos.com at any time. Price changes do not require Playerjwvideos.com to provide customers with any compensation.
- Disputing accusations or counter claims relating to Playerjwvideos.com customers may, with consideration from Playerjwvideos.com, result in the removal and cancellation of unilateral Customer service without any refund.
- Playerjwvideos.com has the right to cancel, delete, suspend, or limit access to services ordered at any time with or without notice.
- Attacks on Playerjwvideos.com staff through any media or form will result in suspension or termination of your service.
- Not doing other things that are destructive to the website code or other actions that are considered harmful or disturbing.
- Do not use the website for purposes that are not good, damaging the site, making the availability or accessibility of the website decreased as well as other actions that violate the law, illegal, fraudulent or dangerous.